Lord, what is Your dream for me?


Did God have something in mind for your life the day you were born? The number one question people ask ministers is, “What is God’s will for my life?” We want details and God rarely gives them for good reason.

One of the greatest gifts God ever gave man is the freedom to choose for himself. He never intended for His will to make us mechanical or static. Instead, He gives us great freedom, some would say too much freedom!

  • The freedom to choose whether or not you want God in your life.
  • The freedom to choose or reject salvation by His Son, Jesus.

He gives us freedom to choose but at the same time He has a will, a desire, a dream He’s always had for us. What is it?

Last Sunday afternoon I went for a prayer walk with God and I asked Him, “Lord, what is Your dream for me?” On the inside of me I heard Him quickly reply,

“To love the Lord with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.”

It’s not that often I get such a quick response to my prayer.

The upsetting part of this is, I thought I was already doing this, but, apparently not! I asked another question.

Lord, how can I love You like You tell me to?

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Thank you for your patience.


I was standing inside the bank lobby waiting for the next available teller. The man in front of me at the Tellers window finished his banking and was now talking to the bank manager standing next to the Teller. I could easily overhear that their conversation was personal and not business. The customer was either clueless people were standing in line behind him or didn’t care. I felt it was rude because the bank manager could see people waiting in line, and no other tellers were available. I made eye contact with the teller hoping he would see me and say,

Excuse me, I have another customer waiting.”

So when that did not work, I was about to clear my throat just loud enough to be noticed, when finally, they ended their conversation and the guy moved on. As soon as I stepped up to teller’s window,

He said, “Thank you for your patience”.

I laughed and said,

I really didn’t have a choice, did I? I regret I said that. Anyway I cashed my check and was soon on my way, but his words hung in my mind. Holy Spirit would not let me leave those words.

Thank you for your patience.”

I should not have said that I didn’t have a choice, because I did have a choice. I may have been forced to wait, but I wasn’t forced to have patience. Patience is a choice. It grows by yielding to God’s work, especially in delays.

Was this delay part of God’s work in me? If you believe nothing is coincidental for a child of God, then it is God’s work! God is in the details, in the little things. Nothing is by chance or luck.



  • So now I have to wonder if God may be the One behind some of these times when we are forced to wait?
  • Could He be orchestrating that long check out line at the grocery story, or bank? Yes, for reasons we may never know.
  • What if God has arranged for you to catch every red light between here and your destination? Why would God have anything to do with that? Maybe He is constructing something in me that He feels is important.

let patience have her perfect work (in me), that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing” (James 1:4).

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