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My favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10.

Be still (cease striving) and know (recognize) that I am God (Psalm 46:10).

It’s painted on a block of wood in my office. It’s framed as a picture in my living room. It’s my favorite scripture because – I need it. I need to see it often, especially when I start to feel stress. It helps me to stop and consider how I am living at the moment. What am I doing in the fast lane trying to hurry when there is no legitimate need to hurry? Psalm 46:10 helps me slow me down and remember who is in charge.

The Message Bible says it this way, “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at Me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

Early in the morning before sunrise I can hear traffic on the highway about a mile from my house. People are in such a hurry today with places to go and people to meet. Even in the nearby retirement community people seem to be in such a rush. I have to wonder what do retired people have to be in such a hurry for? Isn’t that the idea behind retirement – to slow down, take life a little easier?

Hurry is more about attitude than speed. Whatever the reason it must be dealt with if we are going to walk with the unhurried Savior.

Hurry makes life blurry

Hurry will cause you to miss some things that God has for you. In the parable of the good Samaritan, both the priest and the Levite were too busy on the ministry hamster wheel to help a dying man. They missed a life changing moment! Author Henri Nouwen said,

I have always been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted; then I realized that the interruptions were my work.”

If Moses had been in a hurry he may have missed his divine appointment with God at the burning bush.

For me, I realize that when I am in a hurry I tend to make mistakes. If I am in a hurry when I am trying to repair something at home – look out!

Most car accidents happen because someone was in a hurry, usually for no good reason.  I think for most people today that hurry is an addiction and must be treated as such. It’s a sign of our times. The trouble is when I am in a hurry – God isn’t!
So guess who needs to change?

I read a good book about this subject and if you are interested in eliminating hurry from your life like me, I recommend it.  “An Unhurried LIfe” by Alan Fadling.

. unhurried life.

Here are some things I am learning along my journey that may help you.

Begin to catch yourself in a hurry. Realize this is your flesh wanting to control and must be dealt with. The flesh is hostile to God (Romans 8:7).  Practice the discipline of slowing down – drive the speed limit or less. Thank God for stop lights as His little reminders that you need to slow down. Don’t laugh, it works! It is certainly better than getting all worked up. Remember life is a journey. How sad to hurry to a destination but fail to enjoy the journey.

You have to be intentional about being unhurried! It won’t just happen. Try soaking prayer. For more about this go to YouTube and look up, Soaking: How to enter to rest with Graham Cooke.

Practice being slow to speak (James 1:19). Take time to think before you speak. Spend some time in prayer and fasting. Fasting slows your body down automatically.

Post Psalm 46:10 at your office, in your car, and at home to remind you step out of the traffic of a hurried life and take a long, loving look at God.

I am interested to hear how this blog speaks to your life.  Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for slowing down and taking your time to read my blog.

Pastor Gary


I am a lover and follower of Jesus Christ for 40 years this year. I am married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years since 9-11-76. We have two grown children, and 7 of the most wonderful grandchildren in the world! I am a pastor (Shepherd) to the world and to a great flock called Grace Tabernacle in Wildwood, Florida. I have been a full time preacher and teacher of the Word of God for 31 years. I love to encourage people to follow Jesus. I am a writer who is learning to write better by writing. I authored one book "Crossing Forbidden Boundaries - the Grace Tabernacle story". It is available at our church free for first time visitors or for sale on amazon. I have many books on the inside of me waiting to be published. The Lord is calling me into a new season to write and share the reflections the Lord is sharing with me.

15 thoughts on “Slow Down”

  1. So true. We rush around and worry more as learned behaviors than an honest response to a situation. Thank you for your compassionate leadership.

    1. Thanks Dori. It is a habit and can be the cause of stress related diseases as well.
      Please let your Facebook friends know about my new blog.

    2. This is true when Iam in a hurry it only leads me to get anxiety so yes I need to start slowing my pace down and always pray for God to help me in this area thank again for the message Amen.

  2. A reminder to slow down and rest in the Lord. I needed to read this I’ve been so stressed working this last month. The Lord will provide according to his riches in glory.

    1. Cindy,
      We all need to hear this. Please let your Facebook friends know about this new blog.

  3. I enjoyed this very much. Not that I rush,rush rush, just that I won’t use my time wisely or more in prayer. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Good idea. We all could use some help with time management. I just prayed for you about this. God will help you. Just listen for Him. Bless you.

  4. Yes I also need to learn how to relax and slow down when it comes to wanting thing’s to get done at that moment always been like that because that is I was taught and it makes me angry I need to pray about that.I like your blog Paste Gary thank you and God bless you Amen

  5. Thank you Gary for always sharing the I sight God gives you. I am going to continue to read the rest of your blog. Sent you some post yesterday about this subject. Judy

  6. Thanks Shepard Gary,
    Be still and know El-Elyon.
    Be ready for Sunday Holy Spirit will move on Grace Tabernacle in a mighty way.
    Lots of prayer today.
    Love you Shepard Gary and Sister Pam.

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