Lord, what is Your dream for me?


Did God have something in mind for your life the day you were born? The number one question people ask ministers is, “What is God’s will for my life?” We want details and God rarely gives them for good reason.

One of the greatest gifts God ever gave man is the freedom to choose for himself. He never intended for His will to make us mechanical or static. Instead, He gives us great freedom, some would say too much freedom!

  • The freedom to choose whether or not you want God in your life.
  • The freedom to choose or reject salvation by His Son, Jesus.

He gives us freedom to choose but at the same time He has a will, a desire, a dream He’s always had for us. What is it?

Last Sunday afternoon I went for a prayer walk with God and I asked Him, “Lord, what is Your dream for me?” On the inside of me I heard Him quickly reply,

“To love the Lord with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.”

It’s not that often I get such a quick response to my prayer.

The upsetting part of this is, I thought I was already doing this, but, apparently not! I asked another question.

Lord, how can I love You like You tell me to?

This time I did not get a response like the first time. Somehow I knew that I already knew the answer. Then it came to me in one word.

choices (2)

I love God by the choices that I freely make in my life. That’s it, so simple that most will miss it. Loving God is a moment by moment choice that unfolds throughout our lifetime. Love is a choice. Without a choice there can be no love.

My favorite example of this is Mary and Martha with Jesus as their houseguest. While Martha chose to work in the kitchen, preparing food. Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet and feed on His every Word. Two people and two different choices.

  • Martha’s choice wasn’t wrong, it’s just not the better choice.
  • Mary’s choice left some work undone but Jesus said,

Mary has chosen the better part.”

  • Martha tried to please Him by serving.
  • Mary pleased Him by being with Him.

I’ve heard that without Martha’s nothing would get done, but that is not true. Mary was not lazy. She was serving the Lord too. But her serving was out of loving Him and not doing something for Him. There is a difference. We certainly are to serve the Lord but only as He directs and not as we assume. Ask yourself this question:

Does God want me to do more for Him?

You probably know the answer but just in case you are not sure, ask Him? Remember God’s answer about what His dream was for me? Well, that’s His dream for you too.

First and foremost, He wants you and I to be lovers of God more than workers for God. There are workers, and then there are lovers. Don’t misunderstand this, lovers work. In fact, lovers will work more those who are just workers! A person with passion will go far beyond what a worker will do.

So the will of God for your life is not some one, two or three big events at certain times. It is the moment by moment unfolding of of His will each time you choose to be be a lover of God first.

God’s dream for your life is radically simple:

To love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and your neighbor as yourself and then?

Do whatever is in your heart. Because you are a lover of God first, then you will automatically “choose the best part”  just like Mary. Love motivating the heart will always makes the best choice.

I would love to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions, or feedback. Please leave me a comment. 

Author: garywashburn@gracetab.org

I am a lover and follower of Jesus Christ for 40 years this year. I am married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years since 9-11-76. We have two grown children, and 7 of the most wonderful grandchildren in the world! I am a pastor (Shepherd) to the world and to a great flock called Grace Tabernacle in Wildwood, Florida. I have been a full time preacher and teacher of the Word of God for 31 years. I love to encourage people to follow Jesus. I am a writer who is learning to write better by writing. I authored one book "Crossing Forbidden Boundaries - the Grace Tabernacle story". It is available at our church free for first time visitors or for sale on amazon. I have many books on the inside of me waiting to be published. The Lord is calling me into a new season to write and share the reflections the Lord is sharing with me.

16 thoughts on “Lord, what is Your dream for me?”

  1. I really enjoyed and was inspired reading this! I love the way you keep the things of God simplified so I can better understand them. Please keep writing these blogs and get started on those books soon. I continue to pray God’s best for you, your family and your ministry.

  2. Pastor Washburn, As I read this touching love story, tears came to my eyes as I was reminded of these same precious thoughts that the Lord gave me so many years ago in 1988 as I was learning from Him. I had always felt that I could never receive God’s love if I didn’t do something for Him as in “good works”. I had always thought the only way that He would accept & love me was to earn it. I guess it came from my Catholic upbringing. I asked God in prayer one day as I usually did, Lord,what do you want me to do for You today”? He answered me with these two small words, yet so powerful and meaningful to me…”JUST BE” This was to bring immediate deliverance to me that made such a strong impact that still is with me today in 2016. Thank You Lord for setting me free !!

    1. Mary, how interesting because the Lord said the same words to me some time ago and I never forgot them, “Just be”. Profoundly simple!

  3. That was awesome – it’s just so simple – put Him first, trust Him and His Word – everything else falls into line for our lives. God Is Good! All The Time!!

  4. When I choose to do the little things for others driven by unselfish motives I know He is pleased. Often this is a sacrifice of my time that He rewards me with His peace. I love how well you’ve expressed this with “choosing the best part”. Bless you.
    Keep it comming!

  5. Enjoyed reading your love story. But like you I thought that I love the Lord with all of my being and often we find out that we are missing something. As preachers we often feel like we understand God’s word and what He wants for us. But than comes a change in our lives and question is Lord what is your dreams and wills for my life. Many of my friends have ask the same question and soon find out that we have fall short. Loving God is to love one another, I often think of it like this, how can I love the Lord who I have never seen and do not love my brother, who I see each and everyday? To love the Lord is to love one another unconditional. To me love is a commitment to God Almighty. Jus a thought. Awesome story, please keep on writing you inspire me. God bless.

  6. THANKS for your sermon notes and blogs etc.I never read blogs before.Your anointed word makes me stay connected from Ohio.Dan

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