Gratefulness Leads to Wholeness!

Many times we fail to make the connection that daily irritations and stresses of life are a test from God. Our natural response to when the Lord has other plans, is to complain, or get angry.

For the Christian there is grace hidden even in the little disappointments and struggles. This grace is found in finding God in the daily details of life. For example, God tells us,

There are no coincidences for the Christian. Our steps have been ordained by God. We have to learn to deal everything in life with the awareness that we are not alone, God is with us.

We have a choice to treat these annoyances in daily life as a test from God, to see if we are truly aware of His Presence, or ignore that fact that God is with us, and give in to irritations, anger and frustration like people without God. It’s an everyday test.

Everything in life can be a test to see whether or not we are truly operating in the awareness of His Presence, which, when passed, produces faith, trust and obedience. Turning this awareness on and off when things don’t go our way, will lead to negative emotions or doubt in His faithfulness that He is able to care for us no matter what trial we face.

One of the ways we keep aware of Him is by giving Him thanks in everything. This will require a high level of trust in the goodness of God

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Eph. 5:20

Sometimes this may be a sacrifice, especially when we don’t know why certain trials have come upon us. Job did not know why he was going through his trials, and God chose not to explain anything to him. All God wanted from Job was for him to trust God.

When we intentionally choose to give thanks in everything – God brings new creative possibilities into our life or situation. Only then are all things possible to him who believes!

When we complain and murmur, we are living as if God has left us. Not only does that reveal our immaturity, it is an insult to the One who tells us to live by faith and give Him thanks in everything.

Take the Thanks Dare.

Starting right now for the next 24 hours be intentional about giving God thanks for everything that happens to you. Don’t speak out any negative words, complaints, but instead give God thanks. Continue reading “Gratefulness Leads to Wholeness!”