Put your sword away!


Peter cut off the ear of the high priests’ servant, and he wasn’t aiming for his ear! Firmly Jesus said, “Put-the-sword-away” (Matthew 26:52 and John 18:11). Important words recorded in the Bible for us. Why? Because we need them too! Hear them again, but this time as Jesus speaking your name like this, “Gary, put the sword away!”

You may be thinking, what sword? I don’t even have a sword.

For Peter it was a physical sword that he kept for, just in case. Imagine he is with Jesus Christ, God Almighty, so why does Peter need a sword? Just in case. What does that mean?

The sword was Peter’s fall back. It was his way of handling things just in case things, you know, things get out of hand. Peter was a rough fisherman by trade and probably had a few scuffles in his B.C (before Christ) days. So his sword represents a return to his fleshly way of taking care of business, you know, just in case. And on this particular night he was glad he had it, until he heard Jesus say, “Put–the-sword away!” It wasn’t a request.

Isn’t it obvious that Peter had anger issues? He was quick on the lip, as well as quick to fight. He had always been impulsive and quick tempered. Maybe he inherited from his father, or maybe it was just the way he was wired.

When Peter reached for the sword he was reaching for something familiar. It was his old way of taking care of business. Yet the Holy Spirit recorded this incident and Jesus’ words for US to read. We have something that we are going to have to put away. Continue reading “Put your sword away!”